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Silicone Rubber Sheet

The silicone rubber sheet has good resistance to high temperature, high elongation, petrol resistance,no-toxic and tasteless.

Silicone rubber tube

Silicone rubber tube has several applications: √ Air & Gas Lines √ Chemical Lines √ Pharmaceutical √ Food & Beverage √ Laboratory & Research √ Medical √ Protective Jacketing √ Water & Fluid Lines √ Instrumentation

Silicone rubber foam sheet

Silicone rubber foam sheet has several features: √ Temperature Resistance √ High Flexibility √ Water Resistance √ Good Electrical Insulation Properties √ Acid And Alkali Resistance

Electrical conductive silicone rubber sheet

Electrical conductive silicone rubber sheet has several advantages: √ Strong adhesion and double side √ Strong crack resistance √ Easy to tear or strong √ Convenient and neat

Red Silicone Rubber Sheeting

Silicone rubber sheeting has several features: √ No-toxic and environmental friendly √ Ideal for high and low-temperature applications. √ Excellent electrical properties √ Resistance to weathering and ozone √ It is not resistant to super-heated steam. √ Silicone rubbers are expensive in comparison to most other rubbers. √ Food Quality/FDA compliant grades are available for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries