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Wide Ribbed Rubber Sheet

Wide ribbed rubber sheet has excellent resistance of water and slippery.Goodlooking and protective functions.Wide ribbed rubber sheet has good-looking and protective functions. Wide ribbed rubber sheet is used for hotels,gyms and etc.

Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural rubber sheet has high strength, good abrasion resistance and flexibility. Good sealing performance, petrol resistance and shock absorption.

Silicone Rubber Sheet

The silicone rubber sheet has good resistance to high temperature, high elongation, petrol resistance,no-toxic and tasteless.

Viton Rubber Sheet (Fluororubber sheet)

Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) is the best performance rubber sheet. The best resistance of high temperature, oil, acid/ alkali, corrosion and aging. Excellent flame retardant performance

Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet

Fire resistance rubber sheet product features a good delay to catch fire, reduce the speed of flame propagation, and self-extinguish from the fire.

SBR Rubber Sheet

SBR rubber sheets are widely used in making various rubber rings, rubber pads, seals, tires, hoses, tapes and various industrial rubber products.Special requirements: can be made with self-adhesive layer on the back.

CR Rubber Sheet

Anti- slip, with all kinds of patterns on CR Rubber Sheet's surface. Wear resistance, pressure resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction

NBR Rubber Sheet

Nitrile rubber is mainly used in the production of oil-resistant products, such as oil-resistant pipes, tapes, rubber diaphragms and large oil bladders.

EPDM Rubber Sheet

The EPDM rubber sheet has good resistance to ozone, ketones, acids, hot/ cold water and alkaline. Long service life to extreme environmental conditions and sustained flexibility.

Silicone rubber tube

Silicone rubber tube has several applications: √ Air & Gas Lines √ Chemical Lines √ Pharmaceutical √ Food & Beverage √ Laboratory & Research √ Medical √ Protective Jacketing √ Water & Fluid Lines √ Instrumentation

Silicone rubber foam sheet

Silicone rubber foam sheet has several features: √ Temperature Resistance √ High Flexibility √ Water Resistance √ Good Electrical Insulation Properties √ Acid And Alkali Resistance

Electrical conductive silicone rubber sheet

Electrical conductive silicone rubber sheet has several advantages: √ Strong adhesion and double side √ Strong crack resistance √ Easy to tear or strong √ Convenient and neat