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Viton Rubber Sheet (Fluororubber sheet)

Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) is the best performance rubber sheet. The best resistance of high temperature, oil, acid/ alkali, corrosion and aging. Excellent flame retardant performance

Viton Rubber Sheet Product Description

Material Selection

Viton Rubber Sheet


Thick: 1mm~15mm

Width: 0.6m-2m, strip cutter available

Length:  1m~20m


Black or any


Smooth, Textured, patterned 


65+/-5 Shore A

Tensile Strength 



180% - 300%


The best performance rubber sheet has almost every performance and the best resistance to acid/alkali, oil, fire, corrosion, and aging.   

Can stand temperature  200 to 300 .


Inside PE film bag, outer Woven bags, then pallets with film wrapped. 


10-15 days for a full container, 20-23Tons; 3 days for sample

Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) 
has the best oil resistant, flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and anti-aging properties. Temperature range -30 centigrade to +250 centigrade.Good resistance to most chemicals and industrial fluids, will retain strength and withstand embrittlement during long-term heat exposure. Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) is service in continuous heat of up to 250cnetigrade and intermittent heat of up to 300 centigrade. Satisfactory resistance to low temperatures of typically -20 centigrade and -40centigrade by use of special grades.FKM's exhibit good flame resistance and are usually self-extinguishing upon removal of the flame source. Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) compounds have outstanding resistance to compression, especially at elevated temperatures.

Main features

1)     Best performance rubber sheet.

2)     The best resistance of high temperature, oil, acid/ alkali, corrosion, and aging.

3)     Excellent flame retardant performance


1)     Used to make a variety of high oil resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, flame retardant seals.

2)     Used in ships, railways, aviation, etc.

Detail image


Supply Ability

200 Tons/Day

Packaging & Shipping

1. Packing with plastic and white bags.
2. Packing with wooden pallets and cases.
3. According to customers' requirement.


We transport the Viton rubber sheet at Tianjin, Xingang port.

The lead time of Viton rubber sheet: about 15-25 days after payment.

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