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SBR Rubber Sheet

SBR rubber sheets are widely used in making various rubber rings, rubber pads, seals, tires, hoses, tapes and various industrial rubber products.Special requirements: can be made with self-adhesive layer on the back.

CR Rubber Sheet

Anti- slip, with all kinds of patterns on CR Rubber Sheet's surface. Wear resistance, pressure resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction

NBR Rubber Sheet

Nitrile rubber is mainly used in the production of oil-resistant products, such as oil-resistant pipes, tapes, rubber diaphragms and large oil bladders.

EPDM Rubber Sheet

The EPDM rubber sheet has good resistance to ozone, ketones, acids, hot/ cold water and alkaline. Long service life to extreme environmental conditions and sustained flexibility.

Skirtboard Rubber Sheet

Skirtboard rubber sheet has excellent tear resistance, strength, high stability, and retain shapes. Skirtboard rubber sheet can mainly be used as a guarding rib of equipment and conveyor belts. Tie up cargos.

Rubber Pad

Rubber pad has all characteristics of rubber sheets. Rubber pad can mainly be used as protecting cargos damage caused by tying up, equipment cushion and etc. We provide different colors and sizes.

Fabric Impression Rubber Sheet

Fabric impression rubber sheet's Surface with fabric impression, easy to paste, good toughness and flexibility, anti-slip, and shock absorption.

Fabric Insertion Rubber Sheet

Fabric insertion rubber sheets have good resistance to most types of oils, such as mineral, animal and vegetable oil, normal fuels like gasoline, diesel and light heating oils, mixture of alcohol.