What are the conditions for the construction of external wall rock wool

In the construction of external wall rock wool board, it is necessary to consider whether the construction conditions are qualified to ensure the quality and progress of the construction.

The outdoor construction is susceptible to severe weather such as wind, sun, and temperature changes. Therefore, the construction of rock wool boards for external walls needs to be carried out under appropriate conditions.

First, during the thermal insulation construction of the external wall and within 24 hours after completion. The temperature of the grassroots and the construction environment should be maintained between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. At the same time, the sun should be avoided in the summer; construction is prohibited in windy weather above the fifth level and rain and snow. In case of sudden rainfall during construction, effective measures must be taken in order to prevent rain from washing the wall.

2. The construction quality of the base wall, the cement mortar leveling layer and the door and window openings must be ensured, and the door and window frames or auxiliary frames must be installed. The fire escalators, downspouts protruding from the wall, pipelines and air conditioners passing through the openings of the wall, and embedded parts such as air conditioners shall be installed, and sufficient clearance shall be reserved according to the design thickness of the external insulation system.

3. The base wall must be solid and level. The flatness and verticality of the cement mortar leveling layer must meet the requirements of relevant standards. The base wall and the cement mortar leveling layer must be qualified.

4. The special scaffolding for construction should be set up firmly and must pass the safety inspection to be qualified. The distance between the scaffold bar and the wall and corner must meet the construction requirements.

5. The working site should be connected to water and electricity while keeping the working place clean and unobstructed.