Preparation method of rock wool board adhesive

This article mainly introduces the manufacturing method of rock wool board adhesive. It should be noted that the adhesive is time-effective and must be used within a specified time.

Pour an appropriate amount of clean water into a clean plastic bucket, adding adhesive powder while stirring with an agitator, adding about 20% of the powder; then stir for 5-7 minutes, until the mixture is uniform and the viscosity is moderate, let stand for 5 minutes to mature; when using, stir again to use.

It should be noted that the stirring must be sufficient to make the viscosity of the adhesive meet the following requirements: it can ensure that the rock wool board just pasted does not sag, and do not add too much water. For polymer-modified adhesives, only clean water needs to be added, and other materials such as sand, cement, antifreeze, and other foreign substances cannot be added. It is worth noting that the adjusted adhesive must be used within 2 hours. After the construction is completed, the tools must be cleaned in time.

Check before use to ensure that the adhesive is well-mixed, in good condition, fresh, and suitable in consistency.