Introduction to the combustion level of insulation materials

The combustion grade of insulation materials is divided into A grade, B1 grade, B2 grade and B3. There are different performance characteristics of insulation products with different combustion grades.

There are 4 levels of insulation material combustion level: A level, B1 level, B2 level, and B3 level. So how to distinguish it? What are the differences between different combustion grade rubber foam insulation boards?

Insulation materials are classified into four grades: A, B1, B2, and B3. A is non-combustible and B is combustible. B1 is flame-resistant, B2 is combustible, and B3 is Flammable materials. According to regulations, materials for civil building external insulation shall use materials with a combustion level of B1. At the same time, if the building height is greater than 100 meters, B1 insulation materials must be used; for heights greater than 60 meters and less than 100 meters, no less than B2 insulation materials must be used; if B2 insulation materials are used, they must be installed on each floor Horizontal fire barriers; if the height is greater than 24 meters and less than 60 meters, it is necessary to use insulation materials with a combustion level of not less than B2, and set horizontal fire barriers. Grade A is a thermal insulation material used in laboratories with higher environmental requirements.

The current new requirement is that all civil building insulation must be made of non-combustible grade B1.

For rubber and plastic insulation materials, Class B1 materials are flame-resistant materials and meet fire protection standards; Class B2 materials are flame-retardant insulation materials that can self-retain from the fire within 3 seconds. Class B2 products are economical products, The price is much lower than B1 products.

For rubber-plastic board and rubber-plastic pipe, the surface is printed with B1 grade product words, and the surface of the product has a hemp surface. When the product is installed, the appearance is not only beautiful but very neat, which is welcomed by developers and construction companies. The surface of the B2 product looks very smooth and is very soft to the touch.