What is foamed EPDM

Foamed EPDM is a synthetic material with complete saturation and high flexibility. It is widely used in many industries such as automotive and construction engineering.

Foamed EPDM is a kind of foamed material. Foamed EPDM can be used to make foamed products. It has great application value in the corresponding industry. So what exactly is foamed EPDM? The following describes its performance and application industry.

Properties of foamed EPDM material: EPDM has full saturation and high flexibility. It is a synthetic rubber with excellent chemical stability, aging resistance, impact resistance, and low-temperature resistance. 

The key to the production of foamed EPDM is: the composition, process conditions, and the matching of vulcanization and foaming are the keys to the successful production of foamed EPDM materials. The pore structure is very important, so the study of vulcanization characteristics, foaming characteristics and their matching has a great effect on the determination of foaming process parameters in actual production.

Foamed EPDM materials are widely used as sealing materials, heat insulation materials, and shock absorption materials in many fields such as automobiles and construction engineering.

The use of foamed EPDM brings a lot of benefits. This and its performance are inseparable, so some automotive constructions will use this kind of aging and impact-resistant foamed EPDM products.