WRP-105 Rock Wool Panel External Wall Insulation System Introduction

WRP-105 rock wool board exterior wall insulation system has excellent heat insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation, noise reduction and crack prevention characteristics. It is currently a relatively advanced fire insulation system.

WRP-105 rock wool board exterior wall thermal insulation system is currently a more advanced green fire insulation system. The high-quality rock wool board used by the system uses natural ore such as basalt as the main raw material, is melted into fibers at high temperature, and then bonded, solidified, and processed. The system construction is convenient, and the fire prevention and energy-saving effects are very obvious. The insulation system has the following advantages:

1. The system has excellent thermal insulation performance: Under normal temperature, the thermal conductivity of rock wool board is between 0.03-0.048W / (mK). Compared with other A-grade fire insulation materials, the thermal conductivity of rock wool board is relatively low.

2. The fire protection level of the system is high: the burning grade of rock wool board for the exterior wall is A, which is a non-combustible product. It will not release heat and toxic gases during use. It can effectively block the spread of fire when a fire occurs.

3. The sound absorption and noise reduction effect of the rock wool board system is very good: the rock wool board has excellent elastic vibration damping characteristics, so it has intentional sound insulation and sound absorption performance.

4. The surface-layer glue increases the flexibility of the system, and the installation of composite grid cloth makes the system have anti-cracking performance.